School-based Therapy and Resources (sTARs)


Deliver functional assessments and evaluations to determine eligibility, establishing educationally relevant plans of care, as well as provide and oversee the physical therapy needs of children 2 to 21 years old, for Part B services.

Responsible for functional assessments and evaluations to determine eligibility, as well as collaborating with and supporting families of children 0 to 3 years old using the coaching interaction style, for Part C services.

Assist in the development of IEPs, IFSPs and implement physical therapy interventions individually or in a group setting. 

Train teachers and other school staff in appropriate positioning and activities to meet IEP outcomes.

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Provide Residency site, through the University of Michigan - Flint, for licensed physical therapists, preparing them to sit for the ABPTS Pediatric Clinical Specialist exam.

Offer in-service such as: Educational vs. Medical model; Sensory Integration and Sensory Diets; Normal is just a setting on the dyer; and "Back" to School; to name a few.


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