Our Mission

  We believe in making differences in children's lives so they can participate in everyday activities such as: sitting up to play with toys, playing catch with a friend or riding a bike.  The way we make everyday differences in children's lives is by recognizing and respecting the unique abilities of each child, hiring quality and experienced staff with an extensive knowledge of the 0-21 years old population, using evidence-based interventions, participating in research studies, and communicating in Spanish.  We are board certified clinical specialists in pediatric physical therapy.  We want to make a difference in your child's life.  Contact us for an appointment today.

The Color Psychology of STARs

Main logo colors:

  • Blue – symbolizes calm. Tranquility, trust, confidence – qualities we want our client’s to experience; also Kim’s favorite color

  • Green – renewal, youth, healthy, service – qualities clients and STARs staff share

  • Purple – royalty, nobility, enlightenment, wisdom, honor – reminds us of the divine capacities within each of us. Kristin’s favorite color

Additional decorating colors:

  • Yellow – Joy, happiness, optimism, imagination, hope –Emotions we want clients to feel when they come to STARs. Kim’s second favorite color

  • Orange – Energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, vibrant – We want our clients to experience these feelings when they come to STARs. One of Kim’s children’s favorite color

Our Core Values 

LifeIsAwesome no background colored.gif
  • Respect - Is our foundational value. We respect the people we work with, we value their input and ideas, and they value ours. Working together, we develop solutions based on our collective insight, wisdom, and creativity.

  • Accountability - We are motivated, proactive, and embrace the opportunity to conquer a challenge. At STARs, we - See It, Own It, and Solve It!

  • Compassion - Children are the source of our strength and the focus of our mission. We serve all children with compassion, respect and dignity.

  • Excellence - We constantly pursue excellence through teamwork, continuous improvements, client satisfaction, evidence- based treatments, continuing education, board certified specialists, and prudent resource management.

  • Integrity - We conduct our work with integrity, honesty and fairness. We meet the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • Fun - A child's greatest learning opportunities occur through creative play. We put the FUN into 'fun'damental and 'fun'tional therapy. Therapy should feel like it is play!